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CoMMLab – Universitat de Valencia


CoMMLab – Universitat de Valencia - CoMMLab


Computational Multiscale Simulation Lab Site

This is the site for the Computational Multi-scale Simulation Lab from the Universitat de Valencia. Our research group is devoted to modeling and simulation of the heart, and in particular cardiac electrophysiology.

The activities focus in three main areas, cellular modeling, tissue modeling and organ modeling.


CoMMLab creates together with 8 Spanish research centres VHEART-SN (Red Española de Modelización Computacional Cardiaca), a Network of Excellence that focuses on Cardiac Modelling.
CoMMLab gives a seminar in the 3rd VPH Summer School in Barcelona.
It stands for a unique opportunity to meet 16 world-class international researchers who will deliver keynote lectures during the morning sessions. Attendees will also be able to handle synchrotron images, perform human body motion captures, run finite element simulations or create agent-based models during the afternoon hands-on sessions.
Seminars on cardiac Modeling and Simulation using CARP (Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Package) by Dr. Juan Francisco Gomez at CoMMLab facilities.
The Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Package (CARP) is a widely-used software package designed for large-scale simulation studies of hearts. The aims of these studies are to provide detailed personalised therapies for treatment of medical conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia and involuntary fibrillation.





Modeling of multi-scale biological and medical processes from microscopy and medical imaging data by means
of ICT tools to increase the understanding of the patho-physiology and improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Dpt. Computer Sciences, Universitat de Valencia
Bld. ETSE, Block 1. Avda. de la Universidad s/n
46950 Burjassot, Valencia, SPAIN
Tel: +34 963543953 Fax: +34 963544768

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